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Research student placements

Partner with UQ to offer an industry placement and engage with the future of research.

The UQ Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Industry Placement Program is a training and development program that benefits both the student and the organisation in which they are placed.

Our HDR (PhD and MPhil) students have a wide range of high-level analytical, research and communication skills. Undertaking an industry placement allows students to showcase their skills in a real world environment.

Benefits to your organisation

An industry placement connects you with the brightest emerging research talent to work on a project-based experience within your organisation. They help our students to grow and develop while also making a significant contribution to your teams.

HDR students bring a range of high-level skills to your organisation such as:

  • analysis and problem-solving
  • experiment design 
  • synthesis of large quantities of data
  • sorting and evaluating information
  • critical thinking, organising and communicating ideas
  • distilling complex concepts into practical applications.

Placements also provide your staff with the experience of developing and mentoring emerging researchers. They can benefit your organisation by:

  • giving your organisation exposure to the latest research practices, research and development outcomes, and training in a field
  • adding fresh perspectives and new ideas from a highly trained research student
  • providing access to our best and brightest future talent.

What's involved

Projects are designed through consultation between UQ, the student and you. A project should be something that is desirable for your organisation but not essential. A placement student should not be taking the role of an employee. 

Placements generally have a duration of at least 60 working days (12 weeks equivalent) and can be full-time or part-time. This is something that will be negotiated between you and the student.

Hosts are expected to ensure students:

  • receive a proper induction to the organisation
  • receive all health and safety instruction required to undertake the placement activity
  • are assigned a supervisor to oversee the project. 

Students and supervisors should meet at least weekly. Supervisors should provide feedback on anything produced by the student, as well as complete a final assessment of the student’s performance.


No remuneration is required for a learning experience like a placement, but we expect that the host supports students by covering costs associated with travel or accommodation for placements outside of Brisbane.

You may elect to provide an award payment for successful completion of the project, or employ the student for the period of placement if that aligns with the provider’s strategy and resources.

We also support students undertaking a placement by providing them with an extension to their scholarship and time in their program.

Agreements and insurance

We've developed simple agreements specifically for placements that are in the best interests of both your organisation and the student.

UQ provides insurance coverage for students undertaking an unpaid placement. We expect that host organisations hold reciprocal levels of insurance.

See our success stories

Hear from organisations who have successfully worked with UQ HDR students. 

 John Lai, Australian Genome Research Facility

Karl Winckel, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Contact us

To find out more about the UQ HDR industry placement program, contact us:


Phone +61 7 3346 0503