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Two scientists in lab coats examine a high temperature furnace

Advanced manufacturing technologies

Your partner to unlock the next generation of cutting-edge innovation that will transform manufacturing processes.

Advancing the future of manufacturing

From heavy industry to high tech products, our researchers are at the forefront of new manufacturing ideas, processes and techniques. 

Backed by world-class research infrastructure, and with expertise across engineering, materials science, robotics, AI and data analytics, UQ fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to address the world’s most complex advanced manufacturing challenges.

Our experts are driving the next wave of innovation through the development of advanced materials, including composites and smart materials, additive manufacturing, 3D printing of medical devices, mRNA manufacturing and biomedical research. As international leaders in quantum research, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs), nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMs), photonics and semiconductors, our research is rapidly advancing the field of quantum technology.

A man works with laser micromanipulation

What we offer

Partnering with us provides access to the following benefits.

Advancing technologies

From quantum discovery to applied research in defence, energy and space, our experts lead the way in AI, quantum computing, semiconductors and other advanced technologies.

Sustainable solutions

Our multi-disciplinary approach to additive manufacturing, nanomanufacturing and smart materials drives sustainable solutions for mining, manufacturing and beyond. 

Deep industry connections

Our longstanding partnerships with industry and government enable researchers to create impact and capitalise on emerging trends in manufacturing in areas of comparative advantage.

Partner with us

Keen to know more or have an idea for a partnership? Contact our industry specialist. 

Mr Isaac Coonan
Deputy Director
Strategic Partnerships - Government and Industry
Three people seated on a bench, having a discussion.

Research stories

See our research in action, learn more about ongoing projects and read our success stories.

AIBN researchers Dr Ruirui Qiao and Dr Liwen Zhang

New era for soft robotics

UQ researchers are developing new 4D printing technology that produces laser-controlled, shape-shifting liquid metals for soft robotics.
BASE researcher Hannah Tompkins

UQ to establish world-leading mRNA lab

A dedicated lab at UQ will produce mRNA vaccines and therapies  for clinical trials as demand for mRNA continues to surge.
Dr Christian Kudisonga (left) and Dr Michael Heitzmann

UQ heats up the space race

A custom-built furnace that can heat materials to almost 3,000 degrees Celsius has been installed at UQ to develop components for Australia’s space industry.