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Aerial view of Brisbane city and surrounding suburbs, lit up at night by a network of bright lights

Energy transitions

Partner with us to progress the energy transition and meet the demands of a decarbonised economy.

Shaping our future energy reality

The world is at a critical juncture in its generation and use of energy.

Many economies have set aggressive decarbonisation targets, but the scale and complexity of achieving these targets requires collective partnerships across government, industry, academia and the wider community. 

We draw together multidisciplinary research capabilities and expertise from across UQ to explore the energy challenges facing today’s world and connect that capability with our partners. 

2 UQ researchers assessing a row of solar panels on a sunny day at one of our solar farms

What we offer

Partnering with us provides access to the following benefits.

State-of-the-art facilities

Collaborative research platforms with state-of-the-art equipment and software tools, enabling world-class teaching and research.

Trusted analysis

Our analysis informs policy and regulatory frameworks, drives deeper engagement, and increases stakeholder confidence.

Skills for future workforces

Advanced education to develop skills and capabilities that will underpin the jobs of the future.

Our capabilities and impact

UQ researchers are investigating the technical dynamics of changing energy systems and the human-centred dimensions of people, communities and economies to address the enormous challenge of supplying our future energy needs. Our research centres around:

A row of electric vehicles are parked along the street with charging cables plugged in

Transition pathways

Understanding scale and complexity, investment and sectoral coupling, and planning and development across regions.
A man holding a laptop standing in a field of crops. A large irrigation sprinkler operates in the background.

People and communities

This research area includes promoting communication, engagement and participation as well as skills, training and employment.
Three people seated on a bench, having a discussion.

Policy and markets

Developing policy and regulations, market governance arrangements, business models and value chains, and managing environmental impacts.
Two people walking on a mine site wearing high-vis and hard hats. Heavy machinery operates in the background.


Understanding production and use of critical minerals and materials underpinning new energy technologies.
Close up of a small computer chip-like nanomaterial created in a UQ laboratory


We're working on energy sources and technologies for generation and storage, including renewables, hydrogen, bio and waste energy, natural gas, CCUS and clean fuels.
UQ expert monitors graphs on a computer while colleagues investigate equipment in a neighbouring room

Systems and supply

Optimising electrification and integration of renewables, microgrid and energy storage systems, transport, mobility and digitalisation.

Partner with us

Keen to know more or have an idea for a partnership? Contact our industry specialist. 

Ms Caroline Stott
Associate Director (Energy Transitions)
Strategic Partnerships - Government and Industry

An observer looks on as a UQ expert explains a complex series of interconnected wires

Research stories

See our research in action, learn more about ongoing projects and read our success stories.

Extreme long shot of Heron Island research station, showing a boat moored off a long jetty in the Great Barrier Reef.

Report details how Australia can make net zero happen

Australia needs to speed up and broaden its decarbonisation efforts to achieve net zero by 2050, according to the final report of the Net Zero Australia project.
3 wind turbines spin on a grassy hillside with green trees in the background.

Queensland Decarbonisation Forum

Read the policy brief developed out of the forum between universities, Government and industries, which addresses the key challenges and opportunities in meeting Queensland's climate targets.
Close up of a pile of blue-gold copper ore rocks.

Mapping risk for critical metals

The Complex Orebodies program commenced to create a risk matrix for the mining industry to overcome in order to unlock copper reserves. Findings will help to enable a clean transition to a low carbon future.