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Closeup of blue and gold bands of colour running through a rockface
Closeup of blue and gold bands of colour running through a rockface

Minerals and resources

Partner with us to discover the latest in industry knowledge and mineral resource technology.

Delivering multidisciplinary solutions

UQ researchers are integrating expertise from various disciplines to help deliver sustainable resource development.

Our research centres around the social, cultural, economic and political challenges arising from mineral resource extraction to offer solutions to address these challenges.  

We offer insights for all stages of mining from discovery to recovery and beyond, including understanding how waste can be managed to reduce environmental risks and economically re-mined to reduce its environmental footprint.

A UQ researcher in a lab investigates a series of tubes and specimen jars.

What we offer

Partnering with us provides access to the following benefits.

Reducing environmental impacts

We're looking into how to reduce the waste of mining resources including investigating how to economically re-mine minerals.

Increasing social responsibility

We promote industry change through our social science research into the impacts of mining.

Effective in-mine exploration

We're extending the ability of datasets to predict and model key mining and processing parameters, including increasing effectiveness for identifying viable minerals. 

Partner with us

Keen to know more or have an idea for a partnership? Contact our industry specialist. 

Mr Isaac Coonan
Deputy Director, Research Partnerships
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A pair of hands sifts through a bucket of multi-coloured gemstones to extract precious resources.

Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer

The Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Trailblazer aims to meet the needs and future aspirations of the resources industry. 

Learn more about the Trailblazer
Rows of rocks and minerals with gradients of colours sorted into rows

Research stories

See our research in action, learn more about ongoing projects and read our success stories.

Resourcing decarbonisation
Long shot of a coal mine lit up with bright lights at night time.

Resourcing decarbonisation

The Resourcing Decarbonisation Strategic Program aims to answer fundamental economic research questions and rethink options to address supply issues and identify the nature of the emerging supply gap and what innovation can be used to responsibly address it. 

From waste to wonder
Minerals for processing

From waste to wonder

A research group from the UQ Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) investigates the characteristics of mine waste to support the industry’s work on its environmental and social legacies, and identify potential new revenue streams.

Driving decarbonisation in iron and steel
UQ expert surveys a flaming machine in one of the advanced manufacturing labs.

Driving decarbonisation in iron and steel

Researchers at UQ's Sustainable Minerals Institute are working on developing alternative smelting processes, to aid the transition from traditional iron and steelmaking in order to reduce carbon emissions.