Application submission – competitive research grants

Applications for external competitive grants from UQ researchers are submitted through the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) in UQ Research and Innovation (UQR&I). With the exception of major funding agency grant rounds (such Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)), draft applications should be submitted to OSR at least 10 working days before the external funding body closing date.

The internal submission timeframe allows for central checking of core eligibility and compliance, and for required institutional certifications and submission to be arranged. Also, where relevant to the scheme, efforts will be made by the OSR team to provide any other grantsmanship suggestions and feedback that may add value to the proposal.

Your application must be accompanied by a completed and signed UQ Funding Application Coversheet (UQFAC) (DOC, 294KB). This requirement is formalised in the University’s policy on Submission of Applications for Research Funding [4.10.04]. Where relevant to the funding scheme in question, a completed UQ Costing and Pricing Tool should also be included with the internal submission.

Whilst some funding bodies allow or even mandate direct online submission of proposals, applicants are nevertheless required to provide formal notification of the submission to OSR in the case of staff applications (and the UQ Graduate School in the case of HDR student applications for external scholarships). For staff, notification involves providing to the OSR the final submission version of the application and a completed and signed UQFAC. No prior commitment, oral or written, may be entered into by Schools/Centres/Institutes or individual staff on behalf of the University.

Proposal submission - contract research

A completed and signed UQ Funding Application Coversheet (DOC, 294KB) and a completed UQ Costing and Pricing Tool are required to accompany contract research proposals or executed research-industry contracts for research projects. Research Partnerships Managers are able to assist researchers with queries related to intellectual property and have a vital role throughout the contract negotiation process.

Application resources

The following resources will help you prepare your grant proposal: 

UQ Competitive Grants Register (UQCGR)