One of the measures within the Australian Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) is for Australia to introduce a national impact and engagement assessment. This assessment examines how universities are translating their research into economic, social and other benefits, and encourages greater collaboration between universities, industries and other end-users of research.

Working closely with university and industry stakeholders, the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Department of Education and Training have developed the framework for the assessment.

The inaugural Engagement and Impact Assessment took place in 2018 (EI 2018). EI 2018 assesses how well researchers are engaging with end-users of research, and shows how universities are translating their research into economic, social, environmental, cultural and other impacts. 

The results of EI 2018 are presented in the Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018-19 National Report which is available via the ARC Data Portal, along with the highly rated impact studies and assessment outcomes.