Within Australia, research awards and prizes are offered across a range of fields by scientific, government, and philanthropic organisations. The UQ R&I Research Awards team is available to assist with review and feedback of nominations for the key national research awards and prizes listed below.

Please contact researchawards@research.uq.edu.au if you have any queries or are interested in submitting a nomination.

Further research award and prize opportunities can be located via the Research Professional database. Your local Centre, School, Faculty, or Institute research support teams may be able to assist with nominations for research awards and prizes not listed below.

Key National Awards and Prizes

Australian Academy of Science (AAS) Medals and Awards

  • Academy Medal (Career Award)
  • Anton Hales Medal (ECR)
  • Christopher Heyde Medal (ECR)
  • David Craig Medal and Lecture (Career Award)
  • Dorothy Hill Medal (ECR)
  • Fenner Medal (ECR)
  • Frederick White Medal (ECR)
  • Gottschalk Medal (ECR)
  • Gustav Nossal Medal (MCR)
  • Haddon Forrester King Medal (Career Award)
  • Hannan Medal (Career Award)
  • Ian Wark Medal and Lecture (Career Award)
  • Jacques Miller Medal (MCR)
  • Jaeger Medal (Career Award)
  • John Booker Medal (ECR)
  • Le Fèvre Medal (ECR)
  • Macfarlane Burnet Medal and Lecture (Career Award)
  • Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture (Career Award)
  • Mawson Medal and Lecture (Career Award)
  • Moran Medal (ECR)
  • Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science (MCR)
  • Pawsey Medal (ECR)
  • Ruby Payne-Scott Medal and Lecture for Women in Science (Career Award)
  • Ruth Stephens Gani Medal (ECR)
  • Suzanne Cory Medal for Research in Biological Science (Career Award)
  • Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal (Career Award)

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Awards

  • The Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research

Australian Academy of the Humanities

  • The Max Crawford Medal (ECR)

Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

  • Clunies Ross Award - Innovation
  • Batterham Medal (EMCR)
  • ICM Agrifood Awards (ECR)
  • David and Valerie Solomon Award (EMCR)

Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences 

  • The Jian Zhou Medal  is awarded to a researcher in the first 15 years of their postdoctoral career who is making a significant impact in translational medical science. Nominations usually open in October and close in April, with announcements the following October.
  • Medal for Outstanding Female Researcher  is awarded to a female researcher who has made one or more seminal discoveries in the health and medical sciences. Nominations usually open in October and close in April, with announcements the following October.

Australian Museum Eureka Prizes

Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are currently valued at $10,000. Nominations usually open in March and close in May, with announcements in November.

  • Applied Environmental Research
  • Excellence in Data Science
  • Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research
  • Infectious Diseases Research
  • Innovative Use of Technology
  • Outstanding Early Career Researcher
  • Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia
  • Scientific Research
  • Emerging Leader in Science
  • Leadership in Innovation and Science
  • Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers

CSL Florey Medal

  • Awarded biennially to an Australian biomedical researcher for significant lifetime achievements in biomedical science and/or human health advancement. In addition to the silver medal, the award currently carries a prize of $50,000. Nominations usually close in June and are announced in November. The Medal was last awarded in 2019 and nominations are expected to open again in 2021.

    L'Oreal for Women in Science Australia and New Zealand

    • Each year, the program recognises the achievements of exceptional female scientists in the first five years of their postdoctoral careers and awards them with Fellowships to help further their research. The award is currently valued at $25,000. Nominations usually open in January and close in March, with announcements in October.

    Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

    The Prime Minister's Prizes are the most prestigious national science prizes. Nominations usually open in February and close in May, with announcements in October. The value of each award is listed below.

    • Prime Minister’s Prize for Science (Career Award, $250,000)
    • Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year (EMCR, $50,000) for achievements made within 10 years (full-time equivalent) of completing relevant studies.
    • Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year (EMCR, $50,000) for achievements made within 10 years (full-time equivalent) of completing relevant studies.

    Young Tall Poppy Awards

    • The prestigious annual Young Tall Poppy Science Awards aim to recognise the achievements of Australia’s outstanding young researchers and communicators in the sciences, including engineering, mathematics, medical research, and technology. Nominees must have completed their PhD within three to ten years of the nomination closing date.

    How to nominate/apply

    Information on how to nominate for these awards is available here.