Research policy review

The Research portfolio has commenced a review of Research policies to align with the objectives of the UQ Governance and Management Framework Policy [1.00.01]. This body of work was endorsed by the Research Committee in October 2018 and further endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Committee in February 2019. 

The focus of the review is on the PPL documents housed within 4.10 Research Management and Administration and 4.20 Research Conduct and Integrity. The policy review will assess the current state of these policies and procedures and consider recommendations for revision, deletion, demotion, creation and consolidation of documents. The aim of the project is a robust, concise and ever evolving policy and procedure suite that supports UQ researchers. 

How you can have your say

Policies and procedures open for consultation will be promoted below in the 'Broad Consultation' tab. Announcements on policies and procedures open for consultation are made through existing channels such as the Research Bulletin, UQ R&I Newsletter, and UQRAN. Alternatively, the UQ research community is invited to join the mailing list for updates.

Policies and procedures in various stages of development

3. *Open for consultation*

The UQ community is invited to provide input to PPL documents open for broad consultation. Generally documents are made available for comment for three weeks. 

PPL document Overview Consultation


nothing is currently pending consultation


It would be appreciated if written feedback is submitted using the feedback form (DOCX, 18.5 KB).

Verbal feedback is welcomed through a phone call, Zoom call or a face-to-face meeting. 

Comments are always welcome on any research related policy and procedure, even if it is not under review. Policies and procedures are living documents that aim to deliver the best information at any given time, however they need regular input to remain useful.

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Be notified about documents open for consultation, new PPL publications, rescissions, and general updates. 

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Consultation responses, questions and feedback should be sent to:

Dr Elena Danilova
Research Policy & Governance Coordinator
Research and Innovation