UQ Research Partnerships Managers (RPMs) facilitate interactions between UQ researchers and external partners, ranging from industry to government departments.

Research Partnerships Managers will assist you:

  • determine if your project is contract research
  • prepare your budget
  • with the development, negotiation and management of the research contracts, liaising with all of the relevant areas of UQ on your behalf

RPMs can also assist you in identifying suitable partners and advise on industry funding schemes that may be utilised to leverage funding.

Contact Joe McLean, Director, Research Partnerships in the first instance or one of the following RPMs.

+61 7 344 33100
Global Change Institute, Level 3, Room 376

Business, Economics and Law


Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Email: ​contracts@eait.uq.edu.au

Health and Behavioural Sciences


Humanities and Social Sciences


  • Ms Sarina Hobbin

    Research Partnerships Manager
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Email: ​ med.rpms@uq.edu.au



Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)

Email: ​innovation.aibn@uq.edu.au

Centre for Advanced Imaging

Email: r.birks@uq.edu.au

  • Ms Rachael Birks

    Research Partnerships Manager | Centre Manager
    Centre for Advanced Imaging

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Email:  contracts@imb.uq.edu.au


Institute for Social Science Research

Email: issr.research@uq.edu.au


Queensland Brain Institute

Email: researchpartnerships@qbi.uq.edu.au

Dr Christine Davis

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Email:  qaafirgadmin@uq.edu.au

  • Ms Bronwyn Venus

    Research Partnerships Manager
    Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation (QAAFI)

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Email: trish.murray@uq.edu.au

TetraQ Research Infrastructure Centre

Email:  a.dexter@uq.edu.au

Research Contract Officers

Email: danielle.barry@uq.edu.au

Ms Danielle Barry, Senior Manager, Research Contracts

Ms Rachel Axon - Science | SMI

Mr Constantin de Boisseson - Science | BEL

Ms Phoebe Kearey - Medicine | IMB

Ms Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot - Medicine | AIBN

Mrs Alison Morgan - IMB | EAIT

Mr Tim Sheehan - EAIT | AIBN

Mr Phil Smit - QBI | BEL | HABS

Ms Natasha (Tash) Winters - HASS | HABS | ISSR