The Research Performance team works with several other areas of the University to collect, analyse, and report research performance data. The team is involved in the planning and implementation of initiatives related to research data analysis and reporting, and responsible for ensuring the consistency and accuracy of statistical and other research performance data that is provided to the University’s executive; the research community; and relevant external agencies.

This guide shows an overview of various services and resources provided by Research Performance Team, including useful links to training videos on standard research reports. This will help you find the information you need faster and easier

Research performance data in UQ Reportal

Internally, Research Performance data is made available to the University community via the Reportal. The data available includes Research Project Grants and Funding Partners, HERDC Research Income, Publication Outputs, HDR Student Load and Completions, and Academic Staff FTE.

The Planning & Business Intelligence team maintain the Reportal and can facilitate access and introductory training to using Reportal.

The standard Research Reports in Reportal are maintained by analysts in the Research Performance team. We run regular staff development training for those who would like a better understanding of research performance data available in Reportal. The Research Performance Reporting course, primarily for research administrators, will enable participants to:

  • Understand the research universes and research performance data available in UQ Reportal.
  • Learn more about the major institutional reporting initiatives.
  • Find and use standard reports related to research performance.
  • Become familiar with the role and services of the Research Performance team.

The team is also happy to discuss tailored training for your team and to answer specific questions about the research data universes or reports. To discuss opportunities and reporting requirements relevant to your organisational area or provide feedback on the Research Reports, contact

Institutional reporting

To find out more information about Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), Engagement and impact assessment and Higher Education Research Data Colelction (HERDC), visit Institutional Reporting.

Research Reports 101 training videos

Research Reports 101 training videos are developed by Research performance team to help you better understand the research performance data available in Reportal. These videos are available to all UQ staff and are suitable for both new and experienced users. The content will focus on specific standard reports and will enable participants to: 

·       Understand UQ Reportal’s interface and how to use prompts and input controls. 

·       Find and use standard reports related to research performance. 

·       Look closely at specific reports and learn more about the information available.

Video 1 - General Topics: In this video we explain how to find research standard reports and unit reports. We also cover a quick overview on UQ Reportal’s interface and how to use prompts and input controls to find the information you are after.

Video 2 - Research Projects Detail: This report enables users to search for research projects using a broad range of criteria and displays project details per individual project.

Video 3 - HDR Awards: Completed Awards are reported for students completing Masters by Research, Doctorate by Research, or Higher Doctorate higher education programs between 1 January and 31 December of a calendar year, and are consistent with Federal Government reporting methodology.  The report sources data from the Student Awards Granted - Trend Universe. This is the most up-to-date source for Student Awards.

Video 4 - Research Income Performance: This report presents UQ's HERDC Research Income across a five year trend, by faculty and school, as well as by alternative performance indicators of Industry, International and Philanthropic Income. The report sources data from the Research Performance Indicators Universe. This Universe is only updated once per year, typically August, after all official data collections are finalised and submitted.

Video 5 - New Funding by Month: This report provides UQ's approved research project grants for each month, enabling benchmarking of our performance against years, for both the number of projects approved and amount awarded for approved projects. This report also enables filtering to approximate HERDC categories, based on UniFi fund codes or granting bodies. It is important to note, however, that this is only a rough approximation of HERDC Categories, and that project funds awarded are not synchronous with HERDC Income. Therefore this function is intended to assist with analysis of the projects data, not to match or predict official HERDC Income.