Key dates for NHMRC MRFF International Clinical Trial Collaborations (ICTC)

ICTC 2018

  • Release of Grant Guidelines: 10 October 2018
  • Proposals open in RGMS: 10 October 2018
  • Minimum data requirements in RGMS: 21 November 2018
  • Applications due to UQR&I: 21 November 2018
  • Applications close with NHMRC: 5 December 2018
  • ​Anticipated announcement: February - April 2019

ICTC 2019

Round ICTI 19.1 ICTC 19.2 ICTC 19.3
Minimum data in RGMS 27 March 2019 31 July 2019 20 November 2019
Applications due to UQR&I 27 March 2019 31 July 2019 20 November 2019
Applications close with NHMRC 10 April 2019 15 August 2019 4 December 2019
Anticipated announcement July-September 2019 November 2019 - January 2020 March - May 2020


The ICTC will provide support for Australian research teams to conduct clinical trial research in collaboration with international counterparts. Applications to this grant opportunity must propose a single clinical trial that will achieve the following outcomes: promote Australian involvement in international collaborative investigator-initiated clinical trials research through the establishment and co ordination of clinical trial site/s in Australia; and provide high-quality evidence of the effectiveness of novel health treatments, drugs or devices in ‘usual care’ settings, which will support a decision on whether to deliver the intervention in an Australian setting. Novel health treatments include new and innovative applications of existing interventions.

How to Apply

Step 1. RGMS updates and scheme reading

Step 2. Completing the application

Step 3. UQR&I internal review and feedback

  • Ahead of internal review, ensure all online components are complete/valid and generate your proposal snapshots in RGMS.
  • To initiate internal review, email your completed Funding Coversheet to UQR&I at
  • Also provide completed UQ Certification Proforma.
  • Internal review by UQR&I/feedback provided (compliance/eligibility/grantsmanship).

Step 4. Final submission

  • Final submission by UQR&I to NHMRC.

Readership and researcher support

Before applying, we recommend you:

Key documents


Before applying, please review the full suite of documents available from GrantConnect, the Australian Government grants information system. (Login required)


A range of UQ documents to assist researchers in applying for this funding will be made available closer to the scheme deadline.

Contact UQR&I

Round coordinator
Veronica Brancatini


If you are applying through UQ but you are not a current UQ staff member, please contact the round coordinator to be added to the UQR&I mailing list.