The ethical conduct of research is vital for promoting and supporting a culture of accountability and respect, and for minimising risk to animals, humans and the environment.

UQ researchers act in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018) and the University’s Responsible Conduct of Research Policy, which include the following responsibilities related to research ethics:

  • Comply with the relevant laws, regulations, disciplinary standards, ethics guidelines and University policies and procedures related to responsible research conduct. Ensure that appropriate approvals are obtained prior to the commencement of research, and that conditions of any approvals are adhered to during the course of research

  • Ensure that the ethics principles of research merit and integrity, justice, beneficence and respect are applied to human research

  • Engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respect their legal rights and local laws, customs and protocols

  • Ensure that the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) are considered at all stages of research involving animals and minimise the impacts on animals used in research and in so doing support the welfare and wellbeing of these animals

The need for research ethics approvals should be determined in the design phase of a project. Researchers undertaking any research involving humans (including research with or about people, their data, or tissue) or animals should contact the University's Research Ethics for advice and application processes. The following UQ policy and procedures are relevant:

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