The 2018 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the 2018 Code) articulates the broad principles that characterise an honest, ethical and conscientious research culture. The 2018 Code sets out the following principles as the hallmarks of responsible research conduct:

  • Honesty in development, undertaking and reporting of research
  • Rigour in development, undertaking and reporting of research
  • Transparency in declaring interests and reporting research methodology, data and findings
  • Fairness in the treatment of others
  • Respect for research participants, the wider community, animals and the environment
  • Recognition of the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be engaged in research that affects or is of particular significance to them
  • Accountability for the development, undertaking and reporting of research
  • Promotion of responsible research practices

In addition to these broad principles, the 2018 Code sets out core responsibilities that researchers and institutions are expected to adopt when conducting research in Australia or under the auspices of Australian institutions. The University has adopted the 2018 Code in its Responsible Conduct of Research Policy.

The primary responsibility for ensuring the integrity of research lies with individual researchers and institutions. The University's Research Conduct and Integrity policies and procedures provide the primary reference for the responsible conduct of research at UQ.  

Ongoing transition to the 2018 Code

UQ adopted the 2018 Code in April 2019. The 2018 Code replaces the 2007 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and will be accompanied by a series of guides to assist researchers and institutions in meeting their obligations. Until all the guides are released the 2007 Code continues to provide a valuable resource to assist researchers and institutions. Details of the release of the 2018 Code and associated guides can be found on the NHMRC research integrity website

Research Integrity

Research Integrity promotes the responsible conduct of research at UQ by providing advice and education and training to staff and students involved in research. This is supported by a network of Research Integrity Advisors. Research Integrity also receives and manages the assessment of concerns regarding the conduct of research and potential breaches of university policies and the 2018 Code.

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