UQ Research Management System (UQRMS)


The UQRMS project will provide UQ with an enterprise-wide, integrated research management solution. The solution will be researcher-centric and project-based. It will enable a holistic view of research project management, administration and compliance management across UQ.

The new UQRMS will enable individual researchers and research administrators to have direct access to key research project information, facilitating research administration and compliance management, as well as supporting enhanced project financial management with interfaces to UQ systems that control these elements.

The benefits of UQRMS 

  • upgraded research management software and functionality providing researchers real-time, online project information and control of research administration,
  • improved connectivity, visibility, governance and control across the research lifecycle for researchers and research managers,
  • streamlined online application and electronic approval processes for key research administration tasks and functions,
  • enhanced integration of research management functions across the research lifecycle (including ethics, funding, data management and publication),
  • increased agility to accommodate changing operational requirements,
  • enhanced capabilities for analysis, monitoring and governance of research,
  • enhanced client satisfaction and ongoing partnerships,
  • increased efficiency in project operationalisation and accuracy,
  • reduction in enquiry demand around setup, funding and administration, and
  • improved analysis, management and reporting for risk management and compliance management.

For further information on the UQRMS project contact:  Project Manager, Jaya Ganasan on email j.ganasan@uq.edu.au

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