Research Data Manager (RDM)

About RDM

UQ is pioneering and adopting the highest standards of excellence in research data management. The RDM is a robust, world-leading system designed and developed here at UQ. It provides, for the first time, the means for all UQ researchers to ensure their research data is managed in line with best practice. The European Commission report "Turning FAIR into Reality" cites UQ's RDM as an exemplar of, and approach to, good research data management practice.

The RDM provides the UQ research community with a collaborative, safe and secure large-scale storage facility to practice good stewardship of research data. The RDM facilitates collaboration across the whole of UQ, with other research institutions, and industry partners.

The benefits of RDM

RDM will bring to UQ an integrated data management system covering the entire research data lifecycle including, seamless provisioning of easily accessible, secure and sharable data storage in real-time from one location. RDM also enables publication records to be linked to datasets and provides a mechanism for the storage and retrieval of archived data.

RDM will ensure that research data:

  • remains accurate, authentic, reliable, and complete,
  • retains integrity and research results may be replicated,
  • security is enhanced, minimising the risk of data loss,
  • re-use is enabled by collecting critical metadata early,
  • is available in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the FAIR guiding principles, and
  • meets funding, journal and regulatory body requirements.

For further information on the RDM project contact: Project Manager, Jenny Johnston on email:

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