Research Infrastructure Management System (RIMS)

About RIMS

UQ hosts world-class research infrastructure. It is a well-equipped University and provides a platform for excellent research. Our investment in facilities and instrumentation has been impressive. Success at attracting state and national funds has placed UQ in a strong position with respect to research infrastructure.

Through the RIMS project, UQ is embarking on a project to transform the way researchers identify and access research facilities, equipment and infrastructure and at the University through the development of an online research infrastructure register and booking system, accompanied by a new website.

The benefits of RIMS

The RIMS project will make it easier for our researchers and external collaborators from the sector and industry to identify and access UQ's research facilities, equipment and infrastructure, enabling:

  • delivery of the best research results through the use of the most appropriate equipment,
  • a simple and seamless approach to identifying, accessing and operating research infrastructure of all kinds at UQ,
  • support for UQ’s strategy to expand the quality and scale of mutually beneficial engagement with industry,
  • facilitation of opportunities to collaborate with UQ's top researchers,
  • maximal use and operational efficiency of UQ's research equipment, and
  • realisation of potential income.

For further information on the RIMS project contact: Program Manager, Stephen Love on email:

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