Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTRO)

About NTROs and UQ eSpace

UQ eSpace is the official source of publication and research output data for the University, with the information collected used in integrated systems at UQ for reporting at the level of individual researchers, organisational units and whole of University, and for corporate reporting such as the Excellence in Research for Australia. Previously it has been challenging to use UQ eSpace to effectively capture an accurate representation of the products of research that fall outside the scope of traditional outputs such as journal articles, books, book chapters and conference papers, thus compromising reporting the full scope of individual researchers' outputs and UQ’s research activity.

The NTRO project will support the ongoing comprehensive collection of non-traditional research outputs in UQ eSpace. While content types may need to be modified to accommodate reporting requirements, initial scoping has suggested the following (subject to confirmation):

  • CW1 – Original Creative Works
  • CW2 – Live Performance of Creative Works
  • CW3 – Recorded or Rendered Creative Works
  • CW4 – Curated or Produced Substantial Public Exhibitions and Events
  • CW5 – Research Reports for an External Body

The benefits of UQ eSpace NTROs

The collection of information about NTROs benefits UQ researchers by:

  • providing researchers in all disciplines with infrastructure to capture information about the diverse outputs of research, which will better support the individual academic portfolios of all researchers across all disciplines,
  • informing planning at the organisational unit and University level,
  • allowing comprehensive reporting to government initiatives like the Excellence Research Australia (ERA), and
  • promoting the University’s breadth of research activity by exposure to the world through the institutional repository.