MyResearch components

MyResearch Ethics

MyResearch Ethics, which became available on 27 January 2021, is the first stage of implementation of MyResearch. It uses digital workflows for tasks associated with obtaining ethics approval for human and animal research, such as:

  • new applications and amendments
  • ratification/registration
  • exemptions, human ethics only
  • applications not requiring full approval (ANRFA), animal ethics only
  • adverse event reporting
  • annual reporting.

Features include:

  • tasks are efficiently progressed using digital workflows
  • ability to log in at any time and check the status of your tasks
  • a bespoke dashboard that shows your tasks and activities
  • email notifications that tell you when a decision or outcome has been reached or when an annual report is due
  • integrations with UQ human resource and records management systems.

You can log into MyResearch at

MyResearch Projects

Projects component diagram

MyResearch Projects is the second stage of implementation of MyResearch. It will deliver research administration activities for contract research, consultancy, competitive grants (including internal schemes) and strategic internal schemes. MyResearch seeks to improve activities associated with the research lifecycle:

  • pre-award
  • acceptance and establishment
  • post-award management
  • project close and reporting.

Features to look forward to:

  • improved access to information about the status of applications for all users
  • integrations with UQ finance system
  • email notifications of decisions, approvals or additional action required
  • ability to log in at any time and check the status of your tasks.

MyResearch Projects is on track to be implemented in mid-2021.

More information on MyResearch Projects in this project overview (PDF, 269.9 KB).