Digital Research Notebooks (DRN)

About DRN

DRNs will be adopted and offered to all researchers as a component of the RMBT Program's Integrated Data Management Plan (iDMP). DRNs offer a mobile, connected and secure alternative to paper-based notebooks and can be used to document all aspects of research.

The benefits of DRN

The DRN project will contribute to the digital future of research at UQ by providing researchers with an online platform using a structured, searchable, secure, digital notepad. DRNs will be provisioned within the Research Data Manager (RDM) project at no additional cost to researchers.

UQ researchers will have the ability to easily share, back-up and transfer DRN content. The DRN will offer researchers:

  • Research data management and organisation – all research data and information can be managed and organised in one place (RDM).
  • Searchability – DRNs can be searched by keywords or tags and even by the contents of files.
  • Portability – the cloud-based platform can be accessed anywhere in the world, anytime from any platform.
  • Sharing – data can be accessed by collaborators within and outside UQ.
  • Inventory – organise an easy-to-use visual database to manage samples, reagents and consumables.
  • IP protection – intellectual property is protected with timestamps and electronic page signing and witnessing.
  • Data security and integrity – every edit made in the notebook is saved, and previous versions of data can be viewed or reverted to at any time. For each edit, the date, time and author is recorded for auditing purposes.
  • Seamlessness – files, photos and documents can be stored directly into DRNs.
  • Future proofing – DRNs support positioning of UQ’s research capability and reputation for the digital future.

DRNs will be available to all UQ researchers, HDR candidates, professional staff and external collaborators. HDR advisors will be able to more easily review candidates’ progress and UQ will benefit from improved security, consistency and governance of working notes, information and data. 

For further information on the Digital Research Notebooks project, contact: Project Manager, Jenny Johnston on email:

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