Research Management Business Transformation Program

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) is championing an exciting and innovative program at UQ to connect our researchers more effectively to the tools, equipment and services they need to achieve their research goals.

The Research Management Business Transformation (RMBT) Program encompasses a broad range of targeted projects designed to streamline, enhance and support research, researchers and research training through the provision of new digital solutions, including:

  • visibility and improved service for research management such as grants and ethics
  • easy research collaboration with safe, accessible data storage for our researchers and their partners both internal and external to UQ
  • enhanced portability and security of research data through digital research notebooks
  • transparency of candidature for Higher Degree by Research candidates and advisors, and
  • greater visibility and access to research equipment and infrastructure for UQ researchers and external collaborators from the sector and industry .

The RMBT Program is progressively transforming the way research support and administration is delivered at UQ to provide integrated, digital research management capability for researchers, research administrators and research managers.

For more information on the RMBT Program please contact Sue O'Brien on email: