Key dates for Advance Queensland Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborative Science Fund (2017-2018)

  • Proposals open in SmartyGrants: 16 October 2017
  • Full Applications due to UQR&I: 8 February 2018
  • Full Applications close with SmartyGrants: 22 February 2018
  • Anticipated announcement: July 2018


The Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences (Q-CAS) Collaborative Science Fund encourages collaborations between Queensland-based and China-based, CAS-affiliated researchers that aim to deliver benefits for both Queensland and China. Each 2 year project must create or enhance an alliance between research organisations in both sites, and focus on one of the three identified priority areas: agricultural biotechnology and food research (including food safety), human health (immunology or neuroscience) and energy.

How to apply

Applications to this scheme, including instances where UQ will be a partner organisation rather than the applicant organisation, require UQR&I approval, particularly in cases where cash commitments will be made by UQ. UQ researchers either leading an application, or agreeing to support an application submitted outside of UQ must contact UQR&I to discuss requirements for the proposal, including cash or cash salary commitments.

Cash Commitment Proforma: to be eligible, a proposal must include a cash commitment from the applicant organisation (in combination with any Queensland-based partner organisations which may be involved) of no less than $75,000. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) has approved UQ Central cash support for successful Q-CAS applications, but additional cash from your school/faculty/institute will be necessary. Please contact UQR&I at for more information on how to prepare your budget.

Step 1: SmartyGrants registration and scheme reading

  • The person submitting the application – preferably the project leader – will need an active account in DSITI's SmartyGrants system.
  • Familiarise yourself with the key Advance Queensland (AQ) and UQ documentation.

Step 2: Completing the application

  • Log into SmartyGrants and complete the application, but leave the final Declaration/Certification pages blank (to prevent the draft from being submitted to DSITI without UQ authorisation).

Step 3: UQR&I internal review and feedback

  • In advance of an internal review, ensure all online components are complete and valid. Generate a whole Proposal PDF for your records.
  • To initiate review, email your completed Funding Coversheet, whole Proposal PDF, draft attachments and Cash Commitment Proforma to UQR&I at
  • Internal review by UQR&I/feedback provided (compliance/eligibility/grantsmanship).

Step 4: Final submission

  • On receiving authorisation from UQR&I, submit your Application online in SmartyGrants.

Readership and researcher support

Before applying, we recommend you:

Key documents