Key dates for Advance Queensland IndustryTech Fund

  • Proposals are open in SmartyGrants
  • Expressions of Interest (EOIs) due to UQ Research and Innovaiton (UQR&I): 2 weeks prior to submission to the State
  • EOIs close in SmartyGrants: Continuous until program funds are exhausted
  • Full Applications due to UQR&I: 2 weeks prior to submission to the State
  • Full applications close with SmartyGrants: As advised by Advance Queensland
  • Anticipated announcement: Continuous


The Advance Queensland IndustryTech Fund provides financial incentives to larger scale co-funded projects accelerating development and deployment of significant and highly collaborative industry-based platform technology projects.

How to apply

Applications to this scheme, including instances where UQ will be a partner organisation rather than the applicant organisation, require UQR&I approval, particularly in cases where cash commitments will be made by UQ. UQ researchers either leading an application or agreeing to support an application submitted outside of UQ, must contact UQR&I to discuss requirements for the proposal, including cash or cash salary commitments.

Stage 1: Expressions of Interest

Step 1: SmartyGrants registration and scheme reading

  • The person submitting the Expression of Interest - preferably the project leader - will need an active account in the SmartyGrants system.
  • Familiarise yourself with the key Advance Queensland (AQ) and UQ documentation.

Step 2: Completing the application

  • Log into SmartyGrants and complete the Expression of Interest, but leave the final Declaration/Certification pages blank (to prevent the draft from being submitted to DSITI without UQ authorisation).

Step 3: UQR&I internal review and feedback

  • In advance of internal review, ensure all online components are complete and valid. Generate a whole EOI PDF for your records.
  • To initiate internal review, email your completed Funding Coversheet, whole EOI PDF, draft attachments and Cash Commitment Proforma to UQR&I at  
  • Internal review by UQR&I/feedback provided (compliance/eligibility/grantsmanship).

Step 4: Final submission

  • On receiving authorisation from UQR&I, submit your EOI online in SmartyGrants.

Stage 2: Full application

In the event your proposal is invited to submit a Full Application, advise UQR&I at for assistance and authorisation in completing and submitting a Full Application to the State.

Readership and researcher support

Before applying, we recommend you:

Key documents


Before applying, please review the full suite of documents available from the AQ ITF website.



In the event the State elect to shortlist applications for interview, our office will assist applicants in their preparations by offering mock interviews.