Key dates for ARC Linkage Projects 2021

  • Release of Grant Guidelines: 20 November 2019
  • Applications open in Research Management System (RMS): 18 December 2020
  • UQ R&I Information session: 7 July 2021
  • Applications close in RMS: 17 December 2021 (final ARC deadline)

ARC Assessment Round 1 - Applications due to UQ R&I: 15 March 2021

  • Request Not to Assess forms due in RMS: 12 April 2021
  • Rejoinders: 16 June 2021 to 29 June 2021
  • Anticipated announcement: October 2021

ARC Assessment Round 2 - Applications due to UQ R&I: 19 July 2021

  • Request Not to Assess forms due in RMS: 13 August 2021
  • Rejoinders: 6 October 2021 to 19 October 2021
  • Anticipated announcement: February 2022

ARC Assessment Round 3 - Applications due to UQ R&I: 15 November 2021

  • Request Not to Assess forms due in RMS: 13 December 2021
  • Rejoinders: 2 March 2022 to 15 March 2022
  • Anticipated announcement: June 2022

The Linkage Projects scheme opened for continuous submission and assessment of applications on 1 July 2016. In 2020, the ARC introduced three assessment rounds, closing in April, August, and December, and this structure continues in 2021. However, submissions remain continuous throughout the round, and UQ R&I encourages and supports applications continuously throughout the year.

To ensure an application is submitted to the ARC for inclusion in an Assessment Round, applicants must submit their draft for internal review by the dates shown above. Where an application is submitted after the UQ R&I deadline, our office cannot guarantee the application will be submitted to the ARC by the external deadline for that assessment round.

Rejoinders are expected within the dates shown above, and applicants should keep these dates in mind when planning leave, fieldwork, or other absences. 

The anticipated announcement dates are approximately 6 months after the ARC’s deadline for each assessment round.

The LP21 continuous round closes with the ARC on 17 December 2021.


The Linkage Projects scheme supports collaborative research and development between higher education researchers and partner organisations including industry, to further national innovation and acquisition of new knowledge.

The scheme provides project funding of between $50,000 and $300,000 per year for 2 to 5 years, and must include at least one Partner Organisation and satisfy the Australian Research Council's (ARC) contribution requirements.

How to apply

Step 1. RMS updates and scheme reading

  • Update your full profile in RMS ‘Person Profile’. If any team members are new to RMS and need a login/password, start early.
  • Familiarise yourself with the key ARC and UQ documentation.

Step 2. Completing the application

  • Log into RMS and complete the application. As the online system manages many of the compliance and eligibility requirements of the application, we recommend applicants draft their application online rather than offline (e.g. in a Word or PDF document). Our office will only carry out internal review of applications entered into and validated by RMS.

Step 3. UQ R&I internal review and feedback

  • Ahead of internal review, ensure all online components are complete and validated, generate a whole-of-application PDF for your records, and select 'Submit to Research Office' in RMS to submit the application.
  • To initiate internal review, email your completed UQ LP21 Application Coversheet (DOCX, 54.2 KB) and UQ Pending and Newly Funded ARC Grants (DOCX, 35.5 KB) form to UQ R&I at
  • If lodging a Request Not to Assess, email your completed form to UQ R&I by the deadline noted above.
  • Internal review will be carried out by UQ R&I, and feedback on eligibility and compliance, and granstmanship, will be provided.

Step 4. Final submission

  • On receipt of all required Certification forms, and a finalised, eligible application, UQ R&I will submit the application to the ARC.

Readership and researcher support

Before applying, we recommend you:

Key documents


Before applying, please review the full suite of documents available from GrantConnect, using Grant Opportunity ID GO4564 (for 'Linkage Projects for funding applied for in 2021'). 



Additional Resources

Rejoinders and rebuttal

In the ARC assessment and rejoinder process, comments from external assessors will be made available to applicants, and applicants are given the opportunity to submit a response. More information on this process is provided by the ARC.