Research policy review

The Research portfolio has commenced a review of Research policies to align with the objectives of the UQ Governance and Management Framework Policy [1.00.01]. This body of work was endorsed by the Research Committee in October 2018 and further endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Committee in Februry 2019. 

The focus of the review is on the PPL documents housed within 4.10 Research Management and Administration and 4.20 Research Conduct and Integrity. The policy review will assess the current state of these policies and procedures and consider recommendations for revision, deletion, demotion, creation and consolidation of documents. The aim of the project is a robust, concise and ever evolving policy and procedure suite that supports UQ researchers. 

How you can have your say

Policies and procedures open for consultation will be promoted below in the 'Open for Consultation' tab. Announcements on policies and procedures open for consultation are made through existing channels such as the Research Bulletin, UQR&I Newsletter, and UQRAN. Alternatively, the UQ research community is invited to join the fortnightly mailing list for updates.

PPL document Overview Consultation

There is nothing currently open for consultation



Please share your input and feedback with the Senior Policy Officer. Input may be in the form of general text, a tracked changes document, phone call or a meeting. 

Comments are always welcome on any research related policy and procedure, even if it is not under review. Policies and procedures are living documents that aim to deliver the best information at any given time, however they need regular input to remain useful.

Effective* Approval PPL document Overview
2 August 2019 8 June 2019

Schedule of Sub-delegation for Managing Complaints about the Conduct of Research Procedures [4.20.02] 

New. Approved by Vice-Chancellor.

Schedule of Sub-delegation added to the procedure for clarity of role and function for the management of complaints.

25 July 2019 11 July 2019 Authorship Procedure [4.20.04]

Revision. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Consolidation of Authorship Policy and Procedure to single Procedure. Alignment with the revised NHMRC/ARC/UA Authorship Guide

25 July 2019 11 July 2019 Authorship Guideline [4.20.04]

Rescission. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

25 July 2019 11 July 2019 Authorship Form [4.20.04]

Revision of Authorship Acknowledgement Form. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Administrative/aesthetic change.

25 July 2019 5 July 2019 Authorship Policy [4.20.04]

Rescission. Approved by Vice-Chancellor.

Consolidated to Authorship Procedure.

14 June 2019 8 May 2019 Approval of Research Activities within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Procedure [4.20.03]

Rescission. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Requirements of MOU addressed in Responsible Conduct of Research Policy. Information on Limited impact permits available on the Science website. 

18 April 2019 16 April 2019 Research Misconduct - Higher Degree by Research Students Procedure [4.20.10]

Minor revision to align with Responsible Conduct of Research Policy. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Major revision to come. 

18 April 2019 27 March 2019 Research Misconduct Policy [4.20.05]

Rescission. Approved by Vice-Chancellor.

18 April 2019 27 March 2019 Research Misconduct - Higher Degree by Research Students Policy [4.20.10]

Rescission. Approved by Vice-Chancellor.

18 April 2019 27 March 2019 Responsible Conduct of Research Policy [4.20.02] Major revision in line with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018). Approved by the Vice-Chancellor. 
18 April 2019 20 March 2019 Research Misconduct Procedure [4.20.05]

Rescission. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Consolidated to Managing Complaints about the Conduct of Research Procedure.

18 April 2019 20 March 2019 Managing Complaints about the Conduct of Research Procedure [4.20.02]

Revision to align with the Guide to Managing and Investigating Potential Breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

* The effective date is the date from which the addition/rescission/amendment is made in the PPL.

The following PPL documents are under consideration. Proposed policies and procedures will be made available for consultation when more advanced drafts are available. 

In targeted consultation:

  • Consultancy and Secondary Employment Policy
  • Secondary Employment Procedures
  • Consultancy and Research Project Costing and Pricing Procedures
  • Animal Ethics Procedures
  • Administration of Research Projects Policy
  • Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures

In planning phase:

  • Human Research Ethics Procedures
  • Research Data Management Policy
  • Open Access for UQ Research Publications Procedures
  • Sensitive Research Policy
  • Clinical Trials Procedures
  • Conducting Ethical Research in/with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Procedures
  • Central Research Platforms Policy

Intellectual Property Policy Working Group

A working group has been established to consolidate input and feedback to the draft documents. Members on this working group have been approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and are as follows: 

Role Name Affiliation
Chair Professor Mark Blows Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Graduate School Professor Alastair McEwan Dean, Graduate School
Research legal Ms Jocelyn Aboud Associate Director, Legal Services (Research)
UniQuest Dr Mark Ashton Executive Director, UniQuest IP Commercialisation 
STEMM Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick Sustainable Minerals Institute
Non-STEMM Associate Professor Anna Johnston Humanities and Social Sciences
Research Partnerships Mr Joe McLean Director, Research Partnerships
Research Partnerships  Ms Sharon York Research Partnerships Manager, Health and Behavioural Sciences

This working group is active as of 6 August 2019 and expected to disband before the end of November 2019.

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Consultation responses, questions and feedback should be sent to:

Ms Ali Nugent

Senior Policy Officer, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

07 336 51135