Impact Tracker

About Impact Tracker

Measurement of research engagement and impact is a relatively novel concept to institutions nationally and globally with the first Australian Engagement and Impact Assessment occurring in 2018. The Impact Tracker project will deliver a system allowing researchers to understand and track the impact of their research. The Impact Tracker system has a unique framework to guide researchers methodically through a process that will help them capture evidence of engagement and impact as it occurs, making it easier to plan, record and report on these parameters.

The benefits of Impact Tracker

  • UQ will have the infrastructure to capture a comprehensive and accurate knowledgebase of the engagement activities and impacts resulting from research undertaken at UQ,
  • The knowledgebase of research impacts will inform planning and comprehensive reporting (e.g. for ARC’s Engagement and Impact),
  • Evidence of impact captured within Impact Tracker will support individual academic portfolios,
  • Data captured within Impact Tracker will assist in identifying end-user collaborators and allow more extensive promotion of UQ’s breadth of research quality and impact.

For more information about the Impact Tracker project contact the Project Manager, Julie Oates, via email:

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