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5 Tips for Human Ethics Applications

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Ethics training for data scientists

Date: 29 April, 2021.

Disclaimer: Comments provided are for staff and students attending the event. Please contact Research Ethics and Integrity for specific advice.


Learn more about Human ethics application process. (UQ log in required)

More information about Research Ethics and Integrity.

Drop-in sessions for questions on ethics applications

Registrations are now open for the drop-in zoom sessions for specific questions on ethics applications. These drop-in sessions are aimed at all UQ staff and students who are preparing an ethics application. Timely approval of applications depends on providing the information needed by the ethics committee to reach a consensus decision. In these zoom sessions you can bring your questions and we will give you advice on what information to include in your ethics application.

Examples of areas that could be addressed in these sessions are: data collection procedures and instruments, participants, risk assessment, etc.

Register for these sessions here.

Thursday, March 24th10:00-11:00
Wednesday, April 6th13:00-14:00
Thursday, April 28th11:00 -12:00
Tuesday, May 10th13:00-14:00
Wednesday, May 25th10:30-11:30
Wednesday, June 8th11:00-12:00
Monday, June 20th14:00-15:00 


Staff development training

Training sessions for UQ staff are also available about conducting ethical research with humans. These sessions will enable participants to familiarize with the requirements to undertake responsible conduct of research, develop an understanding of the principles, roles and responsibilities, and review pathways when doing research with humans. You can register for these sessions in Workday.

Tuesday, March 29th10:00-12:00
Thursday, June 23rd13:30-15:30

Customised training

Human Ethics also coordinate and deliver customised training packages for UQ’s schools and institutes. These training packages are developed to assist researchers to understand their responsibilities relating to ethical conduct and explain UQ’s Human Ethics application and review processes. The information presented in these training sessions can be tailored to your school/institute’s research areas. We also offer drop-in sessions where researchers can talk to one of the officers at Research Ethics about ethics questions specific to their research. Please contact our Human Ethics Coordinators to discuss training options for your Faculty/School/Institute.