The University of Queensland uses the Human Research Ethics Application form for new proposals and amendments. The form must be completed in MyResearch.



  • Standardised Participant Information and Consent, NHMRC website (External Link)
  • The UQ photography and videography consent form (sometimes called a model release, image consent form, or photography permission form) must be used by researchers when a photo is taken of an individual person or small groups.
  • The Public Health Act (PHA) application form is now available for researchers requesting health information to be given for research via the Public Health Act (2005) at the following link. A grant for the use of Queensland Health data for a research project via the PHA must extend for the entire duration of the project (including all analyses and preparation/submission/revision of manuscripts/reports/theses/presentations etc) and until Queensland Health acknowledges acceptance of the final report. Researchers must ensure that they maintain Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval to accommodate access to PHA data.


Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit

Australia Clinical Trial Alliance has made available resources for researchers to engage consumers in their research. The Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit provides practical advice for researchers and research organisations wishing to conduct patient-centred research.

Data Management

  • The UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) has been specifically designed to help researchers manage their project's research data from project conception, to the publication and dissemination of results.

Promotional Games Terms and Conditions (Prize Draws)

  • Researchers must include Terms and Conditions for Prize Draws. It is important that any draw that takes place conform to Queensland Government requirements.  Please review the checklist before proceeding at Legal Services.

Working with Children