Approvals involving the use of animals must be obtained before commencing work. Find out if you need approval.

Research applications

Research applications (login required) are made online . Internal applicants log on using their UQ username and password. External users who require access should complete the registration form.

Contact the Animal Ethics Unit Coordinator with any questions or use the Research online application form help guide.

Teaching and breeding applications

Teaching and breeding applications should be completed in hard copy, scanned, and submitted via email.

Renewal of any project must be provided to the AEC for consideration 2-3 months prior to expiry. Failure to maintain a continuous current approval whilst using animals is a breach of compliance and can place UQ registration at risk.

Complete forms should be hand signed, scanned, and forwarded to the relevant committee via email:

If you are unsure which Animal Ethics Committee relates to your work, contact Animal Ethics.


Information regarding the requirements for other permits or documentation must be appropriately addressed in your ethics application (e.g. working with wildlife, GMOs, radioactivity etc.).

Recommendations for applicants

The Animal Ethics Unit has prepared a number of resources to help applicants with the completion of their ethics applications:

Contact Animal Ethics for any queries or advice.