Submitting amendment forms

A UQ Amendment Form (DOCX, 76.8 KB)  must be submitted to the AEC before any change to the approved project occurs (the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (8th edition, 2013), Clause 2.4.10) 'the Animal Use Code'. The amendment form should be considered a standalone document and should not require reference to the original application for understanding. Please make sure to provide full details, equivalent to the level in your original application.

Changes may include but are not limited to:

  • The addition of personnel:
    • New personnel must not commence working with animals until the amendment has been approved by the AEC and any administrative requirements fulfilled.
  • Changes to procedures:
    • Use of a method for capture of wildlife, or if using a different species
    • Replacing one drug with another in an already approved project. Even if the total number of animals you will be using will not change, any change to the protocol requires AEC approval.
  • Changes to animal numbers:
    • Additional breeders or culls are required on a breeding application. You must submit an amendment before exceeding the number approved.
    • New groups of animals are being added to an existing project. Justify to the committee the need for the additional groups. 

To Extend the Duration of an Approved Project

project extension amendment form (DOCX, 60 KB)must be submitted to the AEC prior to the current expiry date of the project.

Repeating an experiment

The Animal Use Code states the following in relation to repeating experiments: '1.23 Activities involving the use of animals must not be repeated within a project or between projects unless such repetition is essential for the purpose or design of the project (e.g. sound experimental design, statistical analysis, corroboration by the same or another investigator)'.

If the experiment has been performed as outlined in the original application, the results look good, but will need to be repeated to confirm a result, you must submit a amendment requesting additional animals and provide strong justification for the need to repeat the experiment. 

Submit your amendment

Completed forms should be hand-signed, scanned, and forwarded to the relevant committee via email:

If you have any further questions or are unsure which AEC relates to your work, contact the Animal Ethics Unit.