Research Infrastructure Guide to Grants

UQ’s investment in major infrastructure, in partnership with government, industry and donors, provides cutting-edge facilities and leading technologies for researchers. Researchers have access to extensive high-tech research equipment and instrumentation, laboratories and wide-ranging scientific services and training.

The Research Infrastructure Guide to Grants provides a tool to researchers seeking grants with easy access to the relevant pricing information about various research infrastructure. Please note this pricing information is for non-commercial purposes and is designed to help researchers writing grants find the appropriate pricing details to complete their grant budgets. Please remember to consider the in-kind contributions and budget justifications for your grants. 

Central Research Platforms

Aligned along interdisciplinary lines, the CRPs offer core services and world-class capabilities that are integral towards achieving research excellence though the University. These CRPs house $125 million worth of high-end equipment and have more than 220 qualified staff on hand to assist researchers to boost their research capabilities. To date more than 10,000 researchers have used these state-of-the-art facilities to advance their research.

NCRIS Facilities

NCRIS builds collaborative research facilities that bring together funding from the Australian Government, Queensland Government, industry, universities and university researchers to help provide open access research infrastructure.