Related and background documents 

On this page you will find the background and supporting documents for the Transformation of HDR and Research Administration, including the Issues Paper and Formal Proposal, as well as project presentations and staff updates. 

Download Formal Proposal   Download Formal Proposal staff forum

Consideration of the feedback provided to the Consultation (Issues) Paper has resulted in the following changes:

  • Revision of the timeline;
  • Clarification of the embedded ‘in-business’ HDR Candidate Development and Experience support model;
  • Revised allocations for the HDR Candidate Development and Experience support stream;
  • Reconfiguring the service model based on workload requirements;
  • Incorporation of additional transitional positions in the Graduate School;
  • Clarity provided regarding additional positions in the Graduate School, including a revision to the leadership positions;
  • Renaming of positions:
    • Candidature Administration Officer (CAO) now known as HDR Administration Officer (HAO);
    • Candidate Development Officer (CDO) now known as HDR Liaison Officer (HLO);
    • Portfolio Manager now known as HDR Administrative Manager;
  • Updates to the Graduate School Service Plan to improve clarity and provide more detail;
  • Clarified the selection panels for the HLO and Team Leaders will include representation from PGCs and HDR students;
  • Recruitment of 4FTE HAOs (currently vacant, or filled with short-term contracts) to be advertised to UQ internal staff concurrently with the EOI round for the HLO roles;
  • Amendments to the list of PGAO roles in-scope;
  • Confirmation of transitional resources arrangements in the Library;
  • Clarification of the roles of eSpace Librarian positions.


Download Issues Paper   Download Issues Paper staff forum presentation