UQ Research Management System (UQRMS)

Business Transformation Project

Business Owner: Director, Research Analysis and Operations

Phase: Project Delivery (Analysis and Design) 


  • Increased efficiency of research-related administrative processes for researchers and professional staff
  • Enhanced information visibility and connectivity
  • Increased agility to accommodate changing operational requirements
  • Enhanced abilities for analysis, monitoring and governance of research
  • Improved management of research risk and research compliance
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and ongoing partnerships

How will it improve our services?

  • Upgraded research management software and functionality providing researchers real time, online project information and  control of research administration 
  • Enhanced integration of research management functions across the research lifecycle (including ethics, funding, data management and publication)
  • Improved visibility, governance and control across the research lifecycle for researchers and research managers 

Project achievements

  • Completion of Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Completion of Invitation to Offer (ITO)
  • Completion of vendor evaluations
  • Completion of pilot with preferred vendor

Current priorities

Finalisation of contract and business process mapping in progress.

Project Control Group members

  • Professor Mark Blows, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) (Chair)
  • Ms Janine Richards, Director, Research Analysis and Operations
  • Professor Brent Ritchie, School of Business
  • Dr David Poger, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
  • Mr Rowan Salt, Deputy Director, IT Applications Development & Support
  • Ms Anne Ourari, Principal Assurance Officer
  • Mr Jaya Ganasan, Project Manager