HDR Candidature Management Portal

Business Owner: Dean, Deputy Dean and Director, UQ Graduate School

Phase: Implementation 

Purpose: Improved systems and processes to enable online application and processing of core Higher Degree Research candidature forms and approvals 

How will it improve our services?

  • Streamline application and approval processes for academics and students
  • Significantly reduce the number of paper forms requiring printing, processing and filing across the University (up to 30,000 annually)
  • Improved monitoring, governance and reporting of candidature management processes

Download the Candidature Management Portal Implementation Timeline and Functionality (PPT - 1.23Mb).

Project achievements

Designed and delivered the HDR Candidature Management Portal. Read the UQ Graduate School Candidature Management Portal updates.

Current priorities

Continued enhancement of systems functionality and processes to streamline HDR administration.

Project Steering Committee

  • Professor Stephan Riek (Chair), UQ Graduate School 
  • Belinda Bern (Deputy Chair), UQ Graduate School
  • Sam Ferguson (Secretary), UQ Graduate School
  • Nirdesh Gupta,  ITS/Intelligent Pathways
  • Jodi Phillips,  ITS
  • Associate Processor Di Eley,  School of Medicine
  • Associate Professor Jane Stadler, School of Communication & Arts
  • Jon McCullough, School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering
  • Vern Bawden, ITS 

Read more and find the System FAQs and How-To Guides on the Graduate School Sharepoint site.

Visit the Candidate Management Portal on my.UQ.