Consulting and Research with Industry

The University of Queensland Consulting and Research Expertise can help maximise your commercial consulting and contract research opportunities by providing an exceptional range of support services to ensure engaging with industry is a positive, meaningful and rewarding experience.

As a UQ researcher your skills and expertise are highly sought after by the private and public sectors. Organisations want your expertise for its independence, integrity and impartiality. They want access to leaders in their fields, cutting-edge knowledge and facilities.

While most projects are generated by our commercial clients, we can also work with you on an existing project or if a client contacts you directly.

We can also put you in touch with other academics to collaborate on larger projects, so together you provide clients with a comprehensive solution to their needs.

We support you by providing:

  • Timely contract arrangements.

  • A consultancy pricing tool.

  • Contract negotiation and review.

  • Risk management advice.

  • Quality assurance.

  • Project financial management and reporting.

  • Templates for tenders and reports.

Case Studies

Planning Services - Engaging academic expertise and supporting student learning

Research helps to uncover a remedy from the rainforest

Workplace Health & Safety - Innovative health and safety services, expertise and facilities

UQ Materials Performance and Investigations - Increasing the availability of locomotives and rollingstock

Looking to the past, to inform the future

What are the reasons that industry wants to “Find an Expert” or seek expertise from a university?

  • They are seeking an answer in the short-term to immediate business need.

  • They require specialist expertise or capabilities that are not available in-house.

  • They are seeking access to cutting edge.

  • They wish to verify facts/assumptions.

  • They appreciate a University’s independence and impartiality (credibility).

When industry wants to ‘Find an Expert’ or needs a ‘Solution or Service’, what are the common types of projects?

  • Expert opinion: Litigation-based; renowned expert; review facts; analysis; court witness.

  • Testing: Interpretation of advice; failure analysis; specialist equipment; solutions focussed.

  • Professional advice: Literature reviews; viability of new technologies; survey designs; safety issues.

Can I publish if I undertake external projects/consultancies?

Consulting and Research Expertise is dedicated to ensuring that material created throughout the course of commercial projects will not restrict your ability to publish.  If you are concerned about publishing, talk to us at the very start of your discussions about the new project.

Does UQ endorse academics undertaking consulting and contract research?

The University's Policy and Procedures Library (PPL) contains information regarding the approved policies, procedures, guidelines, and forms. The PPL contains policy and related documents on topics concerning research commercialisation and intellectual property, Outside Work, and Business Interests for University Staff. Please refer to the PPL by clicking here.

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