Integrated Data Management Planning

Business Transformation Project

Business owner: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research); University Librarian

Phase: Provision of a research data management service

Purpose: Provide a comprehensive research data lifecycle service to the UQ Research Community

How it will improve our services?

The integrated Data Management Planning (iDMP) project ambitions to provide a comprehensive research data lifecycle service to the UQ research community to position UQ as a reliable data provider and a leader in research data management. This goal will be achieved by implementing an integrated and curated research data storage system at UQ, and promoting a shift in culture to value research data.

The iDMP project  will facilitate compliance  with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the UQ Research Data Management Policy.

Where possible, the project will make use and integrate with existing UQ infrastructure, to allow for minimal administrative burden.

Project achievements

  • Metadata harvesting: collecting critical metadata about research projects and associated collaborators
  • Shared Storage allocation: auto provisioning of fit-for-purpose research storage, based on the metadata collected and managed by UQ ITS.
  • Launch of the UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM)
  • Facilitating collaborations: research data can be easily shared within UQ, across campuses, and with national and international collaborators

Current priorities

  • Phased Rollout of the UQRDM to all UQ organisational Units 
  • Migrating data to managed collections: development of a mechanism to export permanent collections of data from working collections into the UQ institutional repository eSpace.
  • Provisioning of Digital Research Notebooks
  • Designing and Implementing a UQ Research Data Management Service

Presentations and source documentation

iDMP Project members

  • Andrew Janke, RDM Lead and NCRIS Facility Fellow, Centre for Advanced Imaging
  • Helen Morgan, Manager Research Policy and Performance, ODVC-R
  • Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot, RDM Project Manager, ODVC-R
  • Jan Wisgerhof, Applications Development Specialist, UQ Library
  • Rebecca Deuble, Project Officer, UQ Library
  • Leslie Elliott, Infrastructure Support Specialist, ITS, UQ

iDMP Collaborators

  • David Abramson, Director, Research Computing Centre
  • Hoylen Sue, Stephen Crawley, Nigel Ward and Stephen Bird. QCIF
  • David Stockdale, Deputy Director. IT Infrastructure Operations, ITS
  • Eric Hornsby, Associate Director, Library Technology Service, UQ Library

iDMP Advisors

  • Nicholas Hawkins, Innovative Technology in Medical Education, School of Medicine
  • Susan O'Brien, Research Integrity Manager, Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research and International
  • Amberyn Thomas, Manager, Scholarly Publications, UQ Library