Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

The University of Queensland is one of Australia's premier research institutions.

Emboldened by a record of success and the prospect of contributing to the answers to the world’s great challenges, UQ people are aiming ever higher to deliver benefits to society and the environment worldwide.

The University maintains a world-class, comprehensive program of research and research training. We aim for international standards of excellence across the spectrum of research, from fundamental, curiosity-driven work that builds the stock of knowledge and leads to new research questions to applied research and innovation with direct applications to industry and communities. The extent to which we succeed is evident from the quality and impact of our research.

As we marvel at the positive impact of UQ research, it is clear that exceptional partners and allies are instrumental in taking the benefits of UQ innovation to people all over the world.

To all our collaborators and friends in industry, government, philanthropy and the not-for-profit sector: thank you!