Significant changes are being implemented in the NHMRC including the Grant Funding Program, Peer Review process, the NHMRC grant management tool, and the NHMRC website.

NHMRC Changes to Grant Funding Program

On Friday 27 July 2018 the NHMRC released guidelines (including timing) for the following new grant schemes:




Link to Guidelines

Investigator Grants

5 Dec 2018

6 Feb 2019


Ideas Grants

6 March 2019

8 May 2019


Synergy Grants

6 March 2019

1 May 2019


Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants

6 March 2019

8 May 2019



Further information can be found on the NHMRC Website. For those who have questions that are not answered on the NHMRC website, please contact UQR&I. As these are new funding initiatives where scheme documentation is being rolled out progressivey, UQR&I may not be able to answer all questions posed at the early stages of NHMRC implementation, however we can contact the NHMRC on your behalf.

Questions in relation to the new grant schemes can be directed to UQR&I at

Grant Funding Program Changes

On Thursday 25 May 2017, the NHMRC announced significant changes to the structure of its grant funding program. The changes will see the current NHMRC Project Grants, Program Grants and full suite of Fellowships schemes replaced with three new schemes: Investigator Grants, Synergy Grants and Ideas Grants. In addition, there will be a Strategic and Leveraging Grants stream, designed to support research that addresses identified national needs and includes a new scheme for Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies.

The NHMRC website provides a comprehensive overview and background to the changes, next steps and FAQs. We encourage those of you who may have questions to refer to this website as a first point of reference. A snapshot of the changes can be found on Overview of NHMRC Restructured Grant Program (PDF, 63KB) and Timing and Next Steps (PDF, 86KB).

Eligibility Assessment Tool

NHMRC has released an eligibility tool designed to assist researchers in determining their eligibility for funding in the first round of the new grant program. Note that this eligibility is indicative only and may vary based on NHMRC funding rules or other policies. These rules do not affect eligibility for Strategic and Leveraging Grants. The logic found in this tool can be found in this useful eligibility matrix (PDF, 65KB).

New Grants Management Solution – Sapphire To Replace RGMS

NHMRC is replacing RGMS with a new grants management system, Sapphire – Supporting Research Excellence.

Sapphire has been built, is being piloted and will be rolled out for small schemes, such as the NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence, in October 2018.

As it gets closer to the launch of Sapphire, training materials, demonstration videos and user guides will be provided to you in learning how to use it.

Researcher Profile and CV information in RGMS will be migrated across to Sapphire, so that users will not have to re-enter data. Decommissioning RGMS will commence following an analysis of all RGMS in-progress grant opportunities to identify their position in the grant lifecycle and determine their best cut over point. Once these points are identified, NHMRC will move the data to Sapphire so they can continue to be seamlessly managed.

For more information about Sapphire, please go to the NHMRC website.

NHMRC Website

The NHMRC is developing a new website, its BETA website, to streamline usability. The new website will be launched in October 2018. In the interim, you can source the information you require from both websites.



Please contact the UQR&I team at

Faculty Contacts

Faculty and Institute research offices may also have processes in place to support the NHMRC grant funding program.

Faculty or Institute liaison officers can be found here.