Genomics Initiative Research Network

The University of Queensland (UQ) is a key player in global genomics research, accommodating the largest and most sophisticated genomics capability in the southern hemisphere.

Established as a virtual network, the Genomics Initiative aims to facilitate partnerships and engagement across all genomics researchers at UQ’s many institutes, faculties, and centres, to form an integrated research alliance.

It also aims to foster effective and productive collaborations with Queensland’s leading healthcare providers, universities and other research organisations to harness Queensland’s clinical, research and education strengths and translating multidisciplinary knowledge into beneficial, practical outcomes.

The UQ Genomics Initiative’s mission is to establish a network that can identify and unite UQ’s diverse genomics expertise, and develop a community that can collaboratively translate genomics knowledge into tools and approaches that effectively overcome challenges and create positive change for the global community

The UQ Genomics Initiative focuses on four key areas:

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