About Research higher degree advising at UQ introduction

This session, as part of the Maximising your RHD advisory skills series is designed to assist RHD Advisors develop their skills and take steps towards achieving excellence in their advisory career.

This session will explore the key responsibilities of RHD advisors in facilitating the student's journey through his/her research higher degree program and outline strategies that optimise the advisor/student relationship to enhance the quality of learning, discovery with a focuses on career and professional development.

The session will cover UQ RHD policies and procedures to enable advisors to examine their current advisory methods and determine what additional steps are required to enhance their advisory practice and move closer to excellence in RHD advising.

The broader RHD Advisory Policy landscape will also be discussed to ensure current advisors implement RHD standards, rules and accept responsibilities to achieve best practice RHD advising.


Herston, OHC Bdg883