Researchers from outside the US may be positioned to compete competitively for US federally-funded grants. The challenge is: how do you find, navigate, and adapt to these funding opportunities? This webinar will provide an introduction to the following topics:

  • Using various US funding search tools and navigating information sources
  • Understanding unique characteristics of US requests for proposals; and
  • Assessing whether a 'good idea' is fundable from the sponsor’s perspective.

The slides from this M&Q webinar can be downloaded from the Presentations and Slides page (UQ staff only).

About US Federal Funding - UQR&I and M&Q Workshops and Webinars

UQ has engaged the services of US consultancy group McAllister & Quinn (M&Q) to provide targeted guidance and proposal development support with the aim of securing more competitive research funding for UQ from the US Federal Government.

M&Q will also be delivering a variety of webinars for the broader UQ research community.

The sessions will be a timely opportunity for researchers to learn first-hand what US Federal Government funders are looking for, and will support teams positioning a UQ EOI for M&Q grant development services more specifically.