Ever wondered what it is really like behind the scenes at uni?

Come and find out by attending a special staged reading of the acclaimed play 'Purely Academic'. 

Written by a world-renowned scientist at UQ and first performed at Oxford University in 2013, the play 'Purely Academic,' is both a realistic and comedic dramatisation of the darker side of academia, including both personal and professional clashes in technical collaborations. It invites an honest discussion about professional ethics and practices today. What “persona” is cultivated by today’s academic regime? With what impact? What does it mean to be an academic today? What does one need to learn to become one?

Starring Joanne WrightPeter GrestePeta AshworthStephen VillerMarie BodenStephan Riek, Siddeswara GuruDavid Lavell and Al McEwan.

Directed by Cienda McNamara.

About Purely Academic

A doctoral researcher sets out to pursue a successful academic career. He knows exactly where he wants to be, and he aims to get there as quickly as possible. He gets a PhD and rises rapidly through the academic ranks, walking over anyone and anything that stands in his way. Invincible, he reaches the pinnacle of his career and a bright future awaits, only for his past to return and challenge him.

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Ticket cost: Free. Registration essential.

Wednesday 24 July 2019, 5.15pm. Doors open at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm start. Drinks, canapes and discussion from 6.45pm.

 GHD Auditorium, building 49, St Lucia Campus.


About Reproducibility and Responsible Research Conduct with Professor Michael Kalichman, University of California

Michael Kalichman

Reproducibility in research is a hot topic at the moment, especially in the areas of medical and health sciences but more generally in relation to public confidence in research.

Professor Michael Kalichman of the University of California, San Diego will be visiting UQ on 23-25 July 2019. Professor Kalichman will be presenting a public lecture on the subject of Rigor and Reproducibility: Why can't we do better? and a series of face to face workshops considering issues relating to research reproducibility and responsible research conduct for early to mid-career researchers and HDR students.

In conjunction with these events a staged reading of Professor David Abramson’s play ‘Purely Academic’ will be held featuring some well-known senior academics of UQ.

Professor Kalichman trained in engineering and neuropharmacology and has taught research ethics for over 25 years. He is founding director of the Research Ethics Program since 1997, the San Diego Research Ethics Consortium since 2006, and the Ethics Service for the NIH CTSA-funded Clinical and Translational Research Institute since 2010. In addition, Kalichman is a co-founding director for the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology since 2004.

Professor Kalichman is internationally renowned as a leader in ‘train the trainer’ and training post-graduate students and early to mid-career researchers in understanding, discussing and applying research ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research.


GHD Auditorium, building 49
St Lucia Campus