The PGCs play a vital role in maintaining the academic quality of the RHD program.

The PGC Professional Development Forum will run for a half day and may involve a keynote presentation, information sessions, panel discussions and interactive workshops designed to provide support and encourage professional development amongst PGCs.

In addition there is an ongoing national discussion about the need to broaden the experience of PhD graduates, given the paucity of academic positions, and it would be useful to discuss the progress that we are making at UQ in the Graduate School and enrolling units.

  1. Provide an inclusive forum for the discussion, exchange of information, experiences and innovations relating to the role of a PGC within the University of Queensland 
  2. Promote the development of more effective policies and procedures pertaining to the administration of Research Higher Degrees and to ensure the success of academic programs across the University of Queensland
  3. Promote, develop and enhance the field and profession of research administration and to facilitate excellence in the profession by stimulating the professional growth of UQ's PGCs
  4. Provide a platform for PGCs to share mutual concerns and develop positive solutions.