UQ Early and Mid-Career Researchers Appreciation Day

EMCR@UQ Appreciation Day

Wed 18 Sep 2019 9:00am10:30am


61A-Senate, Brian Wilson Chancellery, Senate/Academic Boardroom, St Lucia

As part of UQ’s Research Week celebrations, and in the spirit of International Postdoc Appreciation Week, the EMCR@UQ Committee is hosting its first ever EMCR@UQ Appreciation Day!

The event is about recognising the contribution of EMCRs to UQ and establishing a constructive dialogue between UQ’s EMCRs and executives about how to support and appreciate the work of EMCRs.  A key part of the event is exploring the experience of EMCRs within the university and considering ways that we can help to support EMCRs. The morning tea event will involve interactive dialogue and includes:

  • Overview of EMCR responses to the ‘Your Voice Survey'
  • Launch of the findings report from an appreciative inquiry study into the experiences of EMCRs. 
  • Response from the UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Bronwyn Harch
  • Panel discussion between EMCR representatives and UQ executive representatives, focusing on how Schools and Institutes within the University are working to support EMCRs

There is still time to contribute to the appreciative inquiry survey about when UQ EMCRs feel most appreciated and how UQ might build those experiences into every EMCR’s career If you are interested in sharing your experiences and perspectives, please complete the anonymous survey. It has only four (4) questions and should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time. Please submit your responses by COB 30th August 2019

There is also the opportunity to pose a question to our panel about the issues that matter to EMCRs. You can do this on the day, or you can lodge a question in advance via the survey tool OR by emailing Dr Jemma Venables (jemma.venables@uq.edu.au).

We look forward to your contributions to the discussions and hope to see you there!

EMCR@UQ Committee