2016 marked the beginning of a business transformation project designed to deliver a first-rate digital support system for researchers at UQ.

The Formal Proposal for the organisation of research administration services at The University of Queensland has been approved. See here for more details 

Major Research Management Business Transformation projects

  • Research Management System
  • HDR Candidature Management System
  • Animal Ethics - Application Form Redesign
  • Grants Management - Funding Application Coversheet Redesign
  • Research Data Management - IDMP 1 - Metadata
  • Research Data Management - IDMP 2 - Shared storage
  • Research Data Management - IDMP 3 - Managed collections
  • Higher Degree by Research - Pre-confirmation checkpoints
  • Higher Degree by Research - Consistent Milestones
  • Higher Degree by Research - ePortfolio
  • Research Infrastructure - Infrastructure Register
  • Research Infrastructure - Booking System
  • Research Infrastructure - Website


For more information on the Research Management Business Transformation Program, contact transformation@research.uq.edu.au.

For information on specific transformation projects, please contact the relevant Project Manager.

  • HDR Candidature Management Portal

    UQ Graduate School
    Deliver improved systems and processes to enable online application and processing of core HDR candidature forms and approvals 
  • Higher Degrees by Research

    Business Transformation Project
    Implement systems and process enhancements to optimise the support and service provided to RHD students & their advisors
  • Human Ethics

    Business Transformation Project
    Deliver best practice application and review processes to ensure the highest ethical standards are applied to human research at UQ
  • Integrated Data Management Planning

    Business Transformation Project
    Deliver a system that allocates data storage for UQ-led projects via a minimal iDMP.
  • Research Data Manager (UQRDM)

    UQ is embarking on an innovative and comprehensive initiative to promote Research Data Management best practice.

  • Research Infrastructure

    Business Transformation Project
    Maximise the benefits to researchers and research partners of the world class research infrastructure available at the University
  • UQ Research Management System (UQRMS)

    Business Transformation Project
    Identify a replacement for the University of Queensland's current research management system