Change of PGC and automated workflows

18 Aug 2017

As communicated by the Dean of the Graduate School in June, enrolling units have one nominated PGC as signatory and these PGCs are set up accordingly in the CM system for automated workflow purposes. Permanent or temporary change to PGC are updated in the system based on the dates provided. However, at present the automated workflows are established at the submission of a request and are locked in at this point. With this in mind, before a change in PGC is scheduled to occur, exiting PGCs should try to clear their UniTask worklist of tasks assigned to them as these tasks will not be automatically routed to the new PGC after the change occurs. However, once the change has occurred the Graduate School will manually re-route requests still with the old PGC to the new PGC.

Other stage 3 work underway

  • Milestone request enhancements to improve the accuracy of data
  • Candidate Development Award – this will include Candidate > PA automated routing
  • Extension of Living Stipend Scholarship – this will include both the “First Extension” and “Career Development Extension”
  • Automated reminders for candidates with approaching milestone, leave and scholarship deadlines
  • Additional automated workflows:
    • Request for leave
    • Application for enrolment in/cancellation of additional courses
    • Change of academic load

Preparation for further development

  • Updates to notification email templates for advisors and candidates to include more detail about the request as well as links to how-to guides.
  • Move the remaining online PDF requests to fully online
  • Advanced filtering and sorting for reports
  • Improved request tracking for candidates and staff
  • Advisor dashboard
  • Thesis Examiner processes

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