Update to UQ on Research Portfolio changes

15 Jun 2017

Recently the Research Portfolio underwent a reorganisation to better align its organisational structure to meet the University’s strategic priorities, including to adequately support the management of research partnerships, oversee the university’s substantial investment in research infrastructure, and support an environment of research excellence, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

UQ Research organisational structure chart (GIF - 42kb).

Key changes include the creation of a number of new leadership positions to support the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), and the division of research grants and research ethics management to two directorates to ensure a high level of oversight of these two important activities. The oDVCR works closely with oDVCEE, oDVCA and Uniquest.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) will be supported by the following senior leadership positions:

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research): provides strategic oversight of research management functions of the university, including research grants, ethics and integrity, as well as leadership of the University’s reporting requirements such as ERA. 
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Training) & Dean, Graduate School: provides leadership of the direction, development and improvement of the University’s higher degree research program, and oversight of researcher development and training for all research engaged staff. 
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Partnerships) – 0.5FTE: ensures a strategic approach to the stewardship of the university’s research partnerships. The role supports the development of research relationships with industry, government and other institutions.
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) – 0.5FTE: provides strategic leadership to the University’s research infrastructure (including eResearch). This includes the operations, development and financial sustainability of the university’s current extensive range of research infrastructure, as well as supporting large scale new purchases. 

The key central research management units are:

  • UQ Graduate School: has academic responsibility for managing Higher Degree Research (HDR) admissions, providing research scholarships, supporting students during their candidature, and facilitating the examination of theses. It coordinates year-round skills training, supports infrastructure and research facilities, and provides opportunities to accelerate career development. 
  • Office of Research Partnerships: has responsibility for strategic research partnerships, particularly with industry and government, corporate management of major research collaborations, and oversight of the relationship with UQ’s commercialisation companies.
  • Office of Sponsored Research: provides administrative and strategic support to UQ’s crucial research funding strategy, including pre-award and post-award administrative services for sponsored projects.
  • Office of Research Ethics: provides administrative and strategic support in the key functional areas of human research ethics and animal ethics, as well as Export Controls and Autonomous Sanctions. 
  • Office of Research Integrity: promotes the responsible conduct of research at UQ by providing advice to researchers in accordance with the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research and UQ research-related policy and procedure. It also receives and investigates concerns regarding potential breaches of the Code and research misconduct.
  • Office of Research Data Analysis and Operations: provides strategic and research policy support to the University, and has key responsibilities in monitoring research performance and managing quality assessment initiatives; and management responsibility for operations for the research portfolio.