Candidature Management Portal update - May 2017

28 Apr 2017

my.UQ Candidature Management Portal
10am 3 May

The development team has been working hard to increase information available to students in the my.UQ portal. When logging in students now receive a snapshot of their candidature with advisor, milestone, scholarship, leave and thesis details. They also have access to four more fully-online requests; Notification of Remote Status, Withdrawal from Candidature, Change of Academic Load, and Change of Thesis Title.  To learn more about the developments that have taken place in stage 2 and take a sneak peak at the portal from the student side be sure to register for our information session on 3 May.  

Work will continue in the coming weeks to finalise the remainder of Stage 2 development work and the team will begin to prioritise work for stage 3 of the project. 

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Stage 2 work completed

Candidates now have access to more information about their candidature via the My Profile section of my.UQ. They can now see information on:

  • Advisors
  • Milestones – including extension availability for next due milestone
  • Scholarships
  • Leave
  • Thesis

Notification of Remote Status, Withdrawal from Candidature, Change of Academic Load, and Change of Thesis Title are now fully-online requests.

Stage 2 overview – work currently underway

Ongoing improvements

  • Improve/simplify Advisor/PGC user interface for endorsing/updating requests

  • Additional instructional text for Attainment of Milestone Request, highlighting to candidates that they should upload enrolling unit required documents where appropriate

  • Improve content of notification emails for Principal Advisors, PGCs and candidates.

Sprint 12 & 13 – 17 April – 22 May

Online requests

  • Change of Research Project
  • Scholarship Notification
  • Nomination of Thesis Examiners
  • Commencement
  • Recommendation to Confer Degree

Staff initiating requests relating to students.

Preparation for Stage 3

Work on Stage 3 of the CM project will commence at the conclusion of Stage 2 implementation. Some work is a continuation of what has been done in Stage 1 and 2 such as transitioning the remainder of current online PDF forms to fully online, while other functionality and work has yet to be defined. Currently under consideration are:

  • Continued improvements to request user interface and workflows (notifications, reminders, automated workflows)
  • Additional reporting capabilities (such as export to Microsoft Excel option)
  • Extra functionality for candidates via my.UQ such as events, placement opportunities and training
  • Improved user interface for advisors via Academic Portal

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