Candidature Management Portal update - April 2017

13 Apr 2017

my.UQ Candidature Management Portal
10am 3 May

Thursday 13 April 2017

Dear Colleagues

The first of the Stage 2 functionality has been rolled out for the Candidature Management System with the Candidature Development Award (formerly GSITA) now submitted via my.UQ. Additionally a new column has been added to the UniTask reports that shows to whom a task is currently assigned, and how long it has been assigned to them. Additional functionality will continue to be rolled out as testing is completed and feedback incorporated. This will include replacing online PDF requests with fully-online requests as well as additional candidature information available via the My Profile section of my.UQ for candidates. The Graduate School will be hosting an information session on future development work and a demonstration of the new functionality at a roadshow on 3 May at 10am.

Key items in this edition are:

  • Stage 2 work completed
  • Stage 2 work underway
  • Update on process improvements

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Stage 2 work completed

The Candidature Development Award (formerly GSITA) applications are now submitted via My Requests in my.UQ as a PDF form. Download details on the CDA.

Notification of Remote Status will now be a fully online request. This request will enable validation of Si-net data to ensure candidates are filling in the appropriate information in the web form. Testing underway.

Withdrawal from Candidature will now be a fully-online request also. Testing underway.

Thesis Submission and Extension to Thesis Corrections (formerly Timetable for Thesis Corrections) forms to fully-online requests. Testing underway.

Stage 2 overview – work currently underway

Ongoing improvements

  • Improve/simplify Advisor/PGC user interface for endorsing/updating requests
  • Additional instructional text for Attainment of Milestone Request, highlighting to candidates that they should upload enrolling unit required documents where appropriate
  • Additional columns in Reports to include who the request is currently assigned to and how long it has been assigned

Sprint 11 & 12 – 27 March – 01 May

New online requests

  • Change of Academic Load
  • Change of Research Project
  • Change of Thesis Title
  • Scholarship Notification

Staff initiating requests relating to students

New my.UQ information elements

  • My Scholarships
  • My Leave
  • My Thesis
  • My Milestones to include extension information

Other Business Process Changes/Process improvements

In the last update we asked for feedback on a number of candidature requests. Thank you to those that provided feedback. In summary, feedback was supportive of requiring only Principal Advisor endorsement for Change of Thesis Title and Notification of Remote Status requests (with the provision that information on approved requests is available for the PGC to access). For Enrolment in or Cancellation of Additional Courses and Request to Enrol in Concurrent Program requests, there were a number of enrolling units that expressed a desire to maintain PGC approval. This was due to a number of reasons including enrolling unit cost implications and risk management/quality assurance.

Based on the feedback provided the following approvals will be implemented:



Current approvals


New approvals


Change of Thesis Title


Principal Advisor

Postgraduate Coordinator


Principal Advisor*


Notification of Remote Status


Principal Advisor

Postgraduate Coordinator


Principal Advisor* †


Enrolment in or Cancellation of Additional Courses


Principal Advisor

Postgraduate Coordinator


Principal Advisor and Postgraduate Coordinator


Request to Enrol in Concurrent Program


Principal Advisor

Postgraduate Coordinator


Principal Advisor and Postgraduate Coordinator


*Postgraduate Coordinators may still be asked for feedback and advice on special cases in which they typically are not required to endorse a request.

†PGCs and PGAOs can keep track of approved Notification of Remote Status requests via the UniTask reports. Using the report filters, a list can be generated of all approved requests. Future functionality will incorporate a notification on approved requests.

Please note: We understand that the my.UQ portal has affected workflows and processes for enrolling units, and we are keen to work with teams to come up with the processes that work best for them.  As a part of this transition, we have noticed that some PGCs are requesting school-based documentation for certain requests, eg Attainment of Milestones. As these are not Graduate School requirements, we do not request that students upload supporting documentation, unless it is a medical certificate or similar.  If your enrolling unit requires a school/institute-specific form, or a committee chair’s report for the PGC to view, please ensure that your students are aware of this requirement, and have access to those documents before they submit the request. This will ensure that processing of the request is not delayed at the PGC endorsement stage. There is an improvement in development to remind students that they may have enrolling unit documents required for milestone attainments. Please also be aware that all documents that are attached to requests are sent to TRIM upon completion of the request.

Preparation for future sprints

Online requests

  • Nomination of Thesis Examiners
  • Commencement/Scholarship Commencement
  • Recommendation to Confer Degree

If you have any suggestions, please send these to

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