Discovery update - June 2016

1 Jun 2016

ESS Discovery Project updates

Human Ethics (Project Manager: Helen Fraser)  
This project will develop consistent, best practice processes across the University  Feedback on proposed improvements to LNR processes has been received from faculties and institutes and is being considered by the team.

Animal Ethics (Project Manager: Craig Franklin) 
A range of improvement opportunities are being progressed by the working group improve monitoring and reporting, ensure consistent review and compliance and to align UQ processes with best practice.       
Grants Management (Project Manager: Cordelia Jackson) 
This working group is continuing to consult and review processes to identify opportunities for improvements across the whole of the grants management process and lifecycle.                            
Research Data Management (Project Manager: Nick Hawkins) 
Currently identifying opportunities for improvements in the way research data is stored and accessed across UQ.  Pilot projects are being developed.                          
Corporate Research Data (Project Manager: Amberyn Thomas)  
Identifying opportunities to improve the management of corporate research data.                                              
Research Higher Degrees (Project Manager: Chris Dixon)   
The second project meeting took place on 24th May and work has commenced Identifying opportunities to improve processes.        
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What are the ESS Discovery Projects?

The ESS Program has been established to strengthen our learning, discovery and engagement by enhancing services and deploying systems effectively across UQ. 

As part of one of four pillars within the ESS Program, the Discovery projects focus on implementing improvements and enhancements to our activities to create a nimble, robust and efficient research management enterprise that provides the support and infrastructure our world-class researchers require.

The projects are being established in a phased approach over the first half on 2016 and are due to be completed by May 2017 with ongoing work transitioning to operational business units as appropriate during the life of the projects. 

The project teams are committed to engaging with all stakeholders including researchers and students as well as research managers and administrators across the University. 

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A look at ESS Discovery project management
Each of the  projects is managed by a project team of representatives from across the University.  

Project managers are identified by the ESS Project team and relevant senior business owners from across the University. Project Managers have both an interest and expertise in the area of the project they are managing and are assisted by a working group of relevant representatives from across UQ. 

The project managers and teams are coordinated by the ESS Senior Business Analyst and supported by a Change Management Specialist in the Office of the DVCR. 

Project governance and leadership is undertaken by the ESS Discovery Committee and regular reporting of project progress and outcomes is provided to this group and its chair Professor Robyn Ward (DVCR). Projects are managed in close consultation with key business owners and tasks and activities will be transferred to operational work units at appropriate times during the project lifecycle. 

Relevant stakeholders across the University will be kept informed of the outcomes of the group and additional news via future editions of this newsletter and information sessions as required or requested. 

Important Dates and Events 

Monday 6th June:  Human Ethics Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (LNR review processes)

Tuesday 7th June: Research Partnerships and Contracts Working Group Meeting

June 2016: Commencement of Beta testing of National Human Ethics Application Form

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