Crystallography is the experimental science of determining the arrangement of atoms in the crystalline solids. The University of Queensland's equipment and facilities enable researchers to make breakthrough discoveries and includes the state's only robotic sample storage and retrieval system.

Small molecule x-ray crystallography


Crystal X-ray crystallography facility tailored for the determination of molecular structures of organic and inorganic compounds of modest molecular weight (typically less than 2000 Da).


  • Oxford Diffraction Gemini Ultra dual source (Mo and Cu) CCD Diffractometer
  • Oxford Cryosystems 600 series cryostream cooler (for low temperature data collection)


Professor Paul Bernhardt

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

(07) 3365 4266

Chemistry Building 68, St Lucia campus

Remote operation crystallisation and x-ray diffraction


Remote Operation Crystallisation and X-ray Diffraction Facility support includes protein crystallisation condition screening, crystal diffraction screening, data collection, data processing, and structure determination. Nano-litre liquid handlers and automated imaging means that large numbers of crystallisation conditions can be investigated with small quantities of protein. The diffraction facility has Queensland’s brightest research X-ray source and the state’s only robotic sample storage and retrieval system, which allows for multiple data sets to be collected without user intervention.


  • Rigaku FR-E Superbright X-ray generator
  • Rigaku Saturn 944 CCD area detector
  • ACTOR™: Automated Crystal Transfer, Orientation and Retrieval
  • Rock imager
  • Tecan liquid handling robot
  • Mosquito robot


Facility Manager and Radiation Safety Officer

Karl Byriel

Institute for Molecular Biosciences

(07) 3346 2929

Institute of Molecular Bioscience, IMB Building 76, St Lucia campus